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Driving and Smart Phone Laws You Should Be Aware of

Driving and smart phones: a harmful mix

Modifications to mobile phone policies for probationary vehicle drivers and charges toughened for all smart phone offenses.

P1 and P2 motorists

No use of any mobile phone function

Young drivers are over-represented in severe road crashes.

Mobile phones and other mobile devices (eg. DVD players or tablet computers) are major sources of distraction for young motorists, specifically as these motorists are still developing experience and establishing driving skills.

From 25 November 2013:
P2 motorists, along with P1 and learner vehicle drivers, should not use a smart phone (hand-held or hands-free) for any function while driving (including while fixed but not parked).

Keep in mind, all probationary motorists who reach 5 demerit points may incur a licence suspension.

All drivers.

Tougher penalties for prohibited use of other technologies and mobile phones.

From 25 November 2013:

All vehicle drivers face tougher charges for illegal use of a mobile phone or interacting with other devices that have visual displays while driving (e.g. DVD gamers or tablet computers) that are not motorist’s helps.

The charges are:

$433 fine, and 4 demerit points.

Making use of a mobile phone while driving can be distracting. Research shows that using a hands-free or hand-held smart phone while driving that may include manual or visual interruption increases your chance of being involved in a crash or near crash.

The law.

It is unlawful in all Australian states and territories to make use of a hand-held smart phone while driving.

This includes:.

  1. Chatting.
  2. Texting.
  3. Playing games.
  4. Taking photos/video.
  5. Making use of any other function on your phone.

When your vehicle is fixed however not parked e.g. when you’re stopped at traffic lights, utilizing a hand-held mobile phone is also illegal.

Motorists who break this law in Victoria deal with an on-the-spot fine and incur 4 demerit points.

Learners, P1 and P2 vehicle drivers are not allowed to make use of a hand-held or hands-free mobile phone while driving.

Why it’s hazardous to make use of a smart phone while driving.

Research reveals that dialing and chatting on a smart phone while driving can result in:

Riskier decision making.
When it is safe to turn in traffic is a complicated job, deciding. Using a mobile phone while driving influences judgement and concentration and you could fail to pick a safe space. When deciding to turn across oncoming traffic, you also tend not to think about the environmental conditions such as, when it is raining or the roads are slippery. , if you don’t make safe turns you can crash.

Slower reactions.
You typically react slower when utilizing a mobile phone, specifically when you’re deep in conversation. You could take longer to respond to traffic signals or entirely miss them.

Slower and less controlled braking.
Throughout a smart phone call your brake reaction time is slower, and you brake with more force and less control which lead to shorter stopping ranges readily available in between yourself and the car in front.

Roaming out of your lane.
You’re more likely to roam out of your lane when you’re making use of a smart phone, even on a straight road with little traffic.

Not being alert to your environments.
When utilizing a smart phone, you tend to invest less time checking your mirrors and exactly what’s going on around you. This impacts your ability to keep track of and discuss traffic securely.

Safe driving tips and the smart phone.

  • Never ever look up phone numbers.
  • When you know you’ll be driving, inform your household and pals not to call.
  • Mention to callers you are driving and may have to end the call.
  • Pull over safely and park to receive a call or make.
  • Never check out or send text.
  • Plan breaks in your journey for telephone call.
  • Do not make employ heavy traffic, inadequate road conditions or bad weather.
  • Use Roadway Mode, an android app that prevents you from being sidetracked by your phone while you drive.
  • Use voicemail.
A mobile phone can be crucial in an emergency. Stop and park securely where you will not threaten other roadway users if you require to utilize your mobile phone to call for assistance.

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