Getting Your P1 Licence

You have be a minimum age of 18 years old before you can sit for a drivers licence test.

You must have held a learner permit for the minimum period and completed any necessary requirements. Minimum periods and requirements vary according to how old you were when you got your learner permit:

If you’re under 21 then these apply for you

  • Must have 12 month minimum period of learner licence
  • Minimum of 120 hours of supervised driving practice
  • At least 10 hours at night supervised driving practice
  • You must record all your driving lessons in your Learner Driver Log Book (this will be given to you when you get your learner permit)

If you’re between 21 – 25 years old
Must have 6 month minimum period of learner licence

If you’re over 25 years old
3 month minimum period on learner licence

The following tests are mandatory and must pass them

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Passing Your P1 licence Test


You are now permitted to drive a car without supervision

You must adhere to the special rules for P1 drivers

Special rules for P1 drivers

  • Must not consume alcohol while driving and must not exceed a blood alcohol level of 0.0%
  • Cannot tow a caravan or trailer unless at work or under instruction
  • Must clearly display red P plates on the front and rear of the car
  • Cannot use mobile phones (including hands-free devices)
  • Must carry your P1 licence at all times when driving
  • Cannot drive a probationary prohibited vehicle
  • Cannot carry more than one passenger aged between 16 and 21

What happens next?

As long as you follow all the rules that apply to P1 licence holders, you will progress to a P2 licence after 12 months.