Leave Teaching Driving Lessons Be Taught By Professional Driver Instructors

If you have passed your learner permit test or possess an overseas licence and need to get your Victorian licence then we can help you with this.

Learning to drive is something that all Australians love doing. Most adults in Australia have a drivers licence. You cannot be without a car in Australia. Australia is a big country and long roads. If you travel to the outback, towns or to the various beautiful locations along the coast then you have to have a driver’s licence to get there in joy. A trip to a new location gives you that satisfaction of getting there with your own car or transport. Life would be boring in Australia if you had to travel with a bus or train and not to mention the time it would take you on those trips.

Road Rules

It is important that every new driver or someone from an overseas with a drivers licence take lessons from qualified driver instructors with dual control pedal fitted cars to learn the roads and how to drive on them. Driver instructors give you direct lessons on how to drive a vehicle on Victorian roads much quicker than otherwise.

Driving instructors pass on their knowledge constantly while the learner drives the car. You get the benefit of traffic knowledge and skills passed on to you from an expert driver. This means that your investment is a life lesson that will be handy for almost all your life. Some lessons sticl in a persons mind for a long long time and will pop-up at a moment when it becomes necessary to remember it. Practical lessons tend teach us more than lessons that are in videos or books.

Our fundamental aim is to teach anyone in these categories how to drive on Australian roads. We want to teach the correct driving rules with safety.

Ins and Outs of Safe Driving

Driving instructors are on the roads everyday and as a result know the ins and outs of safe driving. It is best that parents give a fair chance for their children to take lessons from qualified driver instructors. The same goes to overseas drivers who are new to Australia. Having a licence in another country is great but road rules can differ a lot and these drivers can take lessons from our qualified driver instructors. There is no commitment on how many lessons you need. Just get some until you’re comfortable to drive a car on your own.

Quality and Qualified Driving Instructors

Early stages of driving should really be handled by quality and qualified driving instructors. Our driving vehicles are fitted with safety dual control pedals and controls for safer teaching. Standard cars do not have these fitted. So, in dangerous conditions that could require intervention by an instructor enables these vehicles to be controlled and manoeuvred to safety. Normal cars don’t have these features or safety built into them. For a small amount of investment it really pays to avoid too many headaches, God Forbid, if you were to teach your child to drive and you needed to intervene and could not, God help you because you now depend totally on your childs driving learnt skills he/she has so far being taught.

At the end it is safety that is at the top of every ones list. Don’t fool with traffic because cars don’t stop straight away. People’s reactions are not instant and there is a lag between observation and total stopage.