Getting Your Drivers Licence

There are many licences one can have but one in particular is what we are experts in and that is your everyday drivers licence.

The steps necessary in getting your driver’s licence is as follows.

1. You sit for a Learners permit test. Once you pass this test it will enable you to start taking driving lessons with a qualified driver. We recommend a fully qualified driving instructor.
2. Your Probationary Licence – same as P Plates. These are obtained after a pass in a driving test.

For those who have an overseas licence the requirements are different. Please follow the link above.

120 Hour of Driving Lessons

When applying for a probationary licence there is a few distinct requirements that needs to be met.

Are you under 21 years old when you apply for your P’s?

If you answered yes, then you must have a log book with a minimum of 120 hours supervised driving practice including 10 hours at night.

Are you over 21 years old when you apply for your P’s?

120 hours is not mandatory but it makes sense to have the driving lessons for a safe future.

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