Driving School Price list

Our prices are very affordable and there is a price that will suite you.

Whether you’re interested in a single lesson or a combination of multiple and driving test we’ve got you covered.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Special offers
$40 for first 60 minutes Assessment Lesson.
Drive Test + 60 Minutes Lesson for Only $159.

(To take advantage of our specials please mention the special offer with your booking.)

Package Deals Pricelist

By far the most affordable of the multiple packs we offer.
These multi-lesson packages comes with multiple lessons and a driving test.

Each lesson in the package deals are 45 minutes long.
We have 5, 10 and 17 packs and these are suitable for beginners to advanced level learner drivers.

PACKAGE DEALS (Automatic Car)

Multi-Lesson Driving Price list

Require a set of multiple driving lessons or a refresher driving course. Then these multiple lessons are ideal and cost effective.

Multiple lessons come in packs of 5 and 10.
Each lesson can be one of 45, 60 or 90 minutes long.

5 Driving Lessons Price list (Automatic Car)
10 Driving Lessons Price list (Automatic Car)

Single Lesson Price list

For those who require a one off lesson then this is what you’re looking for.
Single lessons come in 45, 60 and 90 minutes.

Single Driving Lesson Price list (Automatic Car)

Driving Test Pricelist

Our driving test bookings are very handy when you need a reliable car that is easy to drive while going for your Victorian Driver’s Licence Test. Make your driving test booking with us with an optional driving lesson just before your driver’s licence test hour.

Prior Single lessons come in 45, 60 and 90 minutes.

Driving Test Pricelist (Automatic Car)


Book Your Driving Lessons with our Driving School

Our package deals enable you to gain more thorough learning lessons that are tailored for each individual driver needs. These lessons will provide and build confidence while driving on the road. Each driver is unique and as a result require different amount of lessons.

Package deals are cost effective savings and enable a quicker success in obtaining your licence. Our package deals also offer a backup driving licence test free of charge just in case you don't succeed in obtaining your licence in first round.