Learning To Drive Requirements

It can be daunting task to learn driving for the first time. So many factors are involved in first time driving. The biggest factor is winning your nerves and getting behind the wheel with a driver instructor. Once this phase is over and your driver instructor and you have settled in and exchange of formalities pass then the real fun starts.

Have a lesson each week to get you into the mood for driving.

Keep your log book and record every lesson, the time of the day and have it signed by your instructor. These are needed later when you’re ready and make a booking for your driving test. Don’t worry, it is easier than it sounds. It’s all about being calm and alert.

Keep an active role in learning the road rules. It’s always great to be knowledgable when it comes to road rules.

We are patient and understand that every learner driver is unique.

We will build your road confidence resulting in a safe and knowledgable driving experience.

Our instructors will assess your level of knowledge and accordingly apply the right lesson.

We are passionate in our work and love giving driving lessons to first time learners.

Book Your Driving Lessons with our Driving School

Our package deals enable you to gain more thorough learning lessons that are tailored for each individual driver needs. These lessons will provide and build confidence while driving on the road. Each driver is unique and as a result require different amount of lessons.

Package deals are cost effective savings and enable a quicker success in obtaining your licence. Our package deals also offer a backup driving licence test free of charge just in case you don't succeed in obtaining your licence in first round.