The Best Driving Tip is “Safe Driving”

It is said that: “It is better to be late than never”. We couldn’t agree more. This is a life saving and changing thing saying that really affects the very fabric of everyones life.

God forbid! Every parent dreads hearing the notion of their children being in a car accident.

So safety is our main priority.

We teach our learners to be patient on roads and never rush through traffic.

Make sure the person learning to drive clearly fills in the required number of hours with a supervisor. Extra lessons in learning to drive will always be an added bonus for young drivers.

Our Driving School has strategy to suite from beginner to advanced drivers.
Each learner driver is at a different stage of learning and as a result our lessons are tailored toward the individual learner driver where each lesson will build on top of the previous one.

Here are some examples from beginners to advanced lessons we just teach in our driving school:

Some beginner lessons

  • We teach all aspects of operating a car.
  • Starting the car, stopping it etc.
  • Operate the controls.
  • Proper use of mirrors.
  • Reverse driving and reverse parking.
  • Watch out other road users because the road is a shared pathway.
  • Stopping the car in a particular position.

Intermediate lessons involve the following

  • Driving in light traffic.
  • Making turns.
  • Changing lanes.
  • Making a U turn and three point turn in a narrow road.
  • Entering various intersections involving give-way and stop signs.
  • Parallel parking, 45 and 90 degree parking lessons.
More advanced lessons involve
  • Drive without instructor help.
  • Driving in heavy traffic.
  • Driving on roads involving trams and crossing railway gates.
  • Changing lanes on busy road.
  • Finding a street addresses.
  • Keeping up with the flow of traffic.
  • Reverse parking between two parked cars.
  • Night driving lessons.

These are just few of the lessons each learner driver in our school will learn and succeed.

Book Your Driving Lessons with our Driving School

Our package deals enable you to gain more thorough learning lessons that are tailored for each individual driver needs. These lessons will provide and build confidence while driving on the road. Each driver is unique and as a result require different amount of lessons.

Package deals are cost effective savings and enable a quicker success in obtaining your licence. Our package deals also offer a backup driving licence test free of charge just in case you don't succeed in obtaining your licence in first round.