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Exactly what is the Hazard Perception Test?

VicRoads Hazard Perception Test

The hazard perception test is simply one of the parts to getting one’s own Victorian driver’s licence. Before you take the driving test you need to assure you taken and passed the hazard perception test to start with. This hazard perception test could be secured at any time and not necessarily concurrently as you go for ones VicRoads driving test. Once you’ve gotten passed your hazard perception test you then have 12 months to sit for the practical driving test.

The Length and Style of the Hazard Perception Test.

The entire hazard perception test runs for 45 minutes and in this time you are going to watch twenty-eight brief video recordings. Just about every video needs your actual input via the mouse button. Put simply the entire hazard perception test is mostly a computer test to measure your observation knowledge and skills are upto a level required to go for your practical driving test. You need to point out when you believe that it is safe and secure to accomplish the actual required task.

Most of the videos would need an action depending on precisely what a person’s response could possibly be. You will want to presume you’re the vehicle driver in the video recording and to decide what to do at the right moment.

Here are the reactions you might make or perform:

* Decelerate
* Overtake
* Start to turn
* Move away
* Or no action required.

Every single video is going to run for thirty seconds and demands an input of when you think it is safe and sound to undertake one of the above responses.

Hazard Perception Score Needed to Pass the Test

In order to pass the actual hazard perception test you should obtain at the very least a good solid score of 54% or fifteen correct score from 28. This particular test is a needed part of attaining ones own probationary licence because hazard perception skills cannot be taught but really needs to be experienced. It requires some time to improve and turn into an experienced driver and it’s certainly not about how precisely you can drive your car. It’s really about being safer on the roads for everybody who is either driving a car or a pedestrian.

Hazard Perception and Scanning Skills.

Hazard Perception is all about scanning the road and identifying possible hazards that either exist or even manifest. The steps that you consider will help avoid or perhaps get rid of unsafe conditions from establishing.

Here are several of the more prevalent hazards which you might come across in your day-to-day driving a vehicle:

– Cars stopping quickly ahead of you.
– Turning at intersections.
– Bends on the road which may grow to be hazardous while in bad weather conditions.
– Bumps, obstacles and holes on the road.
– People who’ve neglected to either indicate or have left their signals on.
– Small vehicles and motor cycles could emerge rather instantly.
– People on the streets on the road.
– School regions.
– Other cars merging or even changing lanes.

Beneficial perception skill sets includes:

– Scanning the street in front of and also the rear of your motor vehicle.
– The capability to recognise probable hazards.
Foresee potential hazards and even taking reactive measures to counteract any sort of road incidents.
– Keeping your space from other motor cars.
– Driving a car within a risk-free speed.
– Slowing down ahead of traffic comes to an unexpected stop.
– Managing multiple hazards at the same time and then taking safety measures to avoid any car accidents.

Taking your driving lessons with us and having a tailor made driving course is an ideal way to get to learn most of the daily hazards on the roads. What better than a train and experienced driving school instructors to teach you how to drive with roads skills to take away with you. Call us today to arrange a tailor made driving course to suit you and your driving level.

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